This form must be completed in full and signed

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible for reactivation of their records. As a result of space limitations, some programs may close prior to the session and enrolment restrictions may be enforced. Applicants will be reactivated for the next available session. You will be advised once your records have been activated.

Additional Conditions:

Students who left Glendon in good standing (eligible to continue) and have not taken any courses at another institution in their absence may reactivate their file.

If you have taken courses at another post-secondary institution, you must meet with an advisor to discuss your options.

Students who fail a year and wish to return to Glendon College must submit a Reactivation Form to Academic Services after speaking with an advisor.

The Reactivation form must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A personal letter explaining the reasons for failure and stating the reasons why the student thinks that his/her failure will not be repeated.
  • Any available evidence in support of statements made in the student’s letter if applicable, e.g., medical certificates, letters from Counselling Services, etc.

Each applicant’s file is considered individually by a committee which weighs all the evidence presented. Students should note that the reactivation process is not merely a formality and the request may be refused. Students with weak high school records and a poor academic record at Glendon must present particularly strong evidence to convince the committee that their failure was not due to unsuitability for academic work.

Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible for reactivation of their records and will be informed once a decision is made by the Committee.

Students who have been debarred and who wish to resume their studies at Glendon must apply for re-admission through the Office of Admissions prior to the end of their second year of debarment. They must provide persuasive evidence that they are ready and able to complete a degree program. Students who are readmitted will be placed on Academic Probation with a limit on the number of credits which they are allowed to enrol in. 

Deadlines and Submission

This form should be submitted to Academic Services, York Hall C102 or scanned and email to

Returning to Glendon after an absence : As soon as possible to be considered for the next academic session.
Returning to Glendon after a failed year : Fall/Winter Session : July 15
Winter Session : November 15

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