Auditing a course implies that you would like to sit in on lectures without having to complete the work and without receiving a grade or credit.

Conditions for Auditing a Course

  1. There is a fee of $10.00 per credit. 
  2. An Auditing student may convert his/her status to that of a regular student only if he/she has been formally admitted to Glendon.
  3. An auditing student who withdraws before October 1 may have his/her full fees returned. If he/she withdraws after October 1, whether of his/her own volition or because he/she had been refused admission to the College, the refund will be based on the Academic Fee Refund Table.
  4. An auditing student who fails to convert his/her status to that of a regular student before September 23 will receive no university credit for the course(s) he/she successfully completes.
  5. The granting of auditing status does not in any way enhance an applicants chances of being formally admitted to the College.

*An auditor who is considering becoming a regular student is advised that the University has introduced an International Student Academic Fee which is substantially greater than the Regular Academic Fee for Canadian students.


In order to gain access to online course materials auditing students must ask for their course directors to enrol them manually in their online courses. For detailed instructions, click here.

    Deadlines and Submission

    This form should be signed by the Course Director and submitted to Academic Services, York Hall C102, or scanned and emailed to prior to the start of the course.  

    Download Form