Glendon Indigenous Strategy


Glendon will be a welcoming and inclusive institution that fosters an exceptional student experience and academic environment by valuing indigenous peoples and cultures.


Glendon will foster personal growth and academic success by engaging students, faculty and staff in ongoing discussions and initiatives to celebrate indigenous cultures and bring to light indigenous issues.


Academic Excellence
We are committed to achieving the full development of students’ intellectual capacities, skills and qualities.

Student Success
We espouse a student-centric view that sets the objective of unlocking the full potential of all students.

Equity and Inclusion
The values of academic excellence and student success apply to every single student regardless of creed, colour or culture. However, these values are actualized by recognizing and valuing differences.

Friendship and Solidarity
The proper inclusion of other cultures rests on an openness to the other and a sense of community embodied by the sentiments of friendship and solidarity.