Join Glendon Tournament to connect, win prizes and compete for Glendon Cup

Glendon Campus has launched an innovative virtual program to help new and returning students connect, have fun, win prizes and compete for the Glendon Cup.

The Glendon Tournament, a pilot project, is a 100 per cent Glendon-driven web-based initiative developed with the input of students, faculty and staff. The core objectives are to provide a meaningful Glendon experience to students during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for first-year students who have not had the chance to discover and enjoy campus life.

How does it work?

Games in the Glendon Tournament, which launched Sept. 14, can be played in French and English, or both, online and in real life. Players can take part individually, or in teams, and play synchronously or asynchronously, which accommodates different time zones. Participants are randomly assigned to one of four teams named after species of trees prominent on the Glendon Campus:

  • Rosa – for the historic rose garden
  • Betula – for the many birch trees that dot the land
  • Acer – for the majestic maples
  • Picea – for the gigantic spruce trees

There are three types of games: fun games; academically inspired activities that will bring together students and curriculum content; and Glendon values-driven games, e.g. diversity, international community, environment, etc.

Accessible through Glendon’s eClass platform, games run on a two-week rotational basis and are both online and offline.

Prizes, prizes and more prizes

Many prizes will be awarded during the Glendon Tournament, including:

  • One of four $500 Scholarships
  • Gifts cards to Glendon Bookstore, Tim Hortons and others
  • Personal awards e.g. Most Involved, Best Display of Team Spirit, etc.

The team with highest score at the end of the year will be awarded the coveted Glendon Cup, and a plaque will be unveiled during awards ceremony.

“One of the reasons many of you chose Glendon is the personalized experience and that small campus feel,” said Glendon Interim Principal Ian Roberge. “This fall may look different from what we are used to, but whether you are a new or returning student, we still want you to experience campus life. We promise you won’t miss out on our famous Glendon community spirit! The Glendon Tournament is one of the new online activities our staff and volunteer students have created for you this year and we hope you’ll enjoy it. Register to play and get started. Hope to see you at the Awards Ceremony next spring!”

To register, and for information, visit

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