Study at Glendon's unique bilingual Business Administration & International Studies dual degree program.About the program

As the first bilingual business program in Southern Ontario, this unique dual iBA/BBA degree is designed as a program for Francophones and Anglophones with strong French abilities. It brings together Glendon’s expertise in human and social sciences with emlyon’s emphasis on entrepreneurship, international business, and innovation. What’s more, it marries a business education with a liberal arts background compounded with Glendon’s trademark excellence in French-language training and international experience.

By combining your business degree with a bilingual liberal arts program, you will develop transferrable skills that you can take from one company to the next throughout your lifetime, no matter what career you choose.

How does it work?

This dual degree program provides you with the opportunity for two years of study in our flagship International Studies program followed by two years at France’s #1 business incubator, the emlyon business school.

iBA in International Studies: Building your foundational global perspectives in Canada

Your time in International Studies will equip you with a multidisciplinary understanding of how governments, law, politics, business, civil society, culture, science, and the environment relate on the international stage. Throughout your degree, you will examine the relations between countries, regions, international organizations, and transnational networks.

BBA at emlyon: Gaining hands-on business experience in France

After that, you’ll head to France to kick-start your BBA at the world-renowned emlyon business school, where you’ll get international hands-on experience and business training. You will be able to apply the business components learned in class in real-life experiences through business games, teamwork, corporate internships, and even business start-ups.

Both fields of study are combined in this brand new dual degree. You will study primarily in French, with the opportunity to take courses in English in both countries.

Why Glendon?

  1. Resources of three campuses and two universities

    You’ll not only have access to the resources of Canada’s 3rd largest university and Glendon’s trademark small campus experience, but will tap into the expertise of emlyon’s prestigious business program.

  2. A distinct language advantage

    As the Centre of Excellence for French-language and bilingual postsecondary education in southern Ontario, our campus is uniquely positioned to help you retain or perfect your French-language skills, offering a one-of-a kind bilingual iBA, with the option for a certificate of bilingual excellence.

  3. An established network in Canada’s international business and finance capital

    Between part-time jobs, internships, and other hands-on opportunities for career development, you’ll start building your career in Toronto. After taking advantage of the resources from career centres on both campuses, you can leverage your proximity to the city to begin building your career before you even graduate.

Hands-on experience

While in France, you can take advantage of placements and internships in French companies affiliated with the France-Canada Chamber of Commerce, which will prepare you for employment and could lead to a paid position.

The benefits of combining business and liberal arts

The notion of pairing liberal arts education with business isn’t new: it’s been hailed as a key to success by business leaders such as the late Steve Jobs, Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson, and Peter Drucker, a global management and leadership expert.

Fast Company reports that 1/3 of all Fortune 500 CEOs have liberal arts degrees.

In fact, the New York Times published an article that, interestingly enough, found that the key skills gained in a liberal arts program align with what employers are looking for in new grads:

  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Problem solvers & critical thinkers
  • Creative thinkers with innovative ideas
  • Leadership abilities

How to Apply

This program is currently only available to applicants who are coming to Glendon from a Canadian or international high school, or who are applying as mature students.

A supplementary application is required for this program; please find more details here.

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