General Inquiries

Time is spent both indoors and outdoors and is dependent on the weather and activities

Camp Glendon’s goal is to expose your child to a wide variety of programming. In the first part of the day, campers will play classic camp games , running around and making friends. After lunch and recess, we’ll go for a swim at the GAC and return for our partnered programming. Throughout the week, campers will participate in special afternoon activities that include sports, drama, science, visual arts and gardening.

The Glendon Campus is a fully air-conditioned facility.

Camp Glendon is bilingual, we offer programming in both languages with an emphasis on French language learning; instruction is given in French first, English second, to help build vocabulary quickly. Our goal is to support campers in an immersed environment in order to improve their French language proficiency.

The ratios differ depending on which week as some weeks are better attended than others. At no time will there be a ratio higher than the Ministry of Education’s standard (1:15). Ratios tend to range between 1:5 and 1:8.

We encourage all campers to participate in all activities at camp, but they will have the option to not participate in activities at camp if they choose so. However, there will be no additional programming. 

There are no off-campus field trips, although we have several bilingual community partners joining us on campus this summer to provide participants with high-quality programming in visual arts, theatre, STEM, and gardening.

All campers are required to bring their own nut-free snacks, lunch, and a water bottle. Lunch will be eaten indoors in our open spaces, and outdoors – weather permitting. Please note that Glendon Campus is not a nut-free facility.

Campers are strongly encouraged to bring a healthy nut-free lunch. There is a cafeteria for those who choose to buy lunch. Please note that Glendon Campus is not a nut-free facility.

**7:30am – 9:00am: Before Care

9:00am – 11:30am: Camp Glendon Programming

11:30am – 12:30pm: Lunch

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Swim at the Glendon Athletic Centre

2:00pm – 4:00pm: Partner Programming

**4:00pm – 6:00pm: After Care

**Additional fees apply

Campers may bring their cell phones, however, we ask that they stay in their backpacks to maintain focus. All other electronics should be left at home. Camp Glendon is not liable for lost, stolen or broken property. 

To schedule a tour, please email


We will be swimming at the Glendon Athletic Club’s (GAC) indoor pool on-campus.

All children 7 and under will be required to wear a life jacket in the pool. Children 8 and older will be required to take a swim test (two widths of the pool without stopping – catching their breath at the ends is acceptable – and tread water for 1 min). Children who are unable to meet the requirements will wear a life jacket. The pool is fully staffed with certified lifeguards from the GAC as well as all of the counselors. 

Code of Conduct

Behaviour and discipline issues are progressively handled by counselors, and the Camp Coordinator depending on the issue. In extreme cases, parents may be asked to intervene.

Lost and Found

To make sure all belongings return with your child at the end of the day, teach them to put their things back in their backpack when they’re finished with them. Any items left behind at the end of the day are placed in the lost and found. If your child loses something while at camp, please take a look through our lost and found as well as informing a counselor of the missing item. 

Please note, Camp Glendon is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. We encourage campers to bring only what is needed to camp.

Pick ups and Drop offs

Drop off for Camp Glendon is from 8:45am to 9:00am, as camp starts at 9:00am. Drive in from the main entrance at Bayview and Lawrence, there will be staff to guide you to the Camp Headquarters (Breezeway) on Monday morning – pick-ups will be in the same location! Please ensure you sign your child in and out each day with a staff member.

All late arrivals (after 9:00am) should call Glendon Extended learning at (416) 487-6780 to notify a counselor. Morning programming generally happens in the Breezeway, please drop off your camper in the same area as normal.

Please inform a staff member, either by email and/or in writing, at least a day in advance to make arrangements. It is best if you plan ahead of time, so we may prepare and escort your child for pick-up. In case of emergency, please call ahead to call Glendon Extended learning at (416) 487-6780 to notify a counselor.

A reminder, all campers need to be signed out by authorized personnel as per your registration form.

If your camper was granted permission in the initial registration form, they may sign themselves in at the beginning of the day, and out at the end.

Absences from Camp

If your child is going to be absent, please inform a counselor a minimum of a day before, or call Glendon Extended Learning at (416) 487-6780, preferably before 9:00am.

If you require care for your child prior to 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. please register them for Before Care and/or After Care. If you are late picking up your child/children, an additional fee of $1/minute will be implemented after the first 5 minutes.

Emergencies and Medical Conditions

If your child becomes too ill to participate fully in all aspects of Camp Glendon, we kindly ask that you keep them home from camp to avoid affecting other campers and staff.  

In the event your child becomes ill at a Camp Glendon and is unable to participate fully, we will contact both parents on file to inform them of the situation and ask them to pick up their camper.

If your child needs medication at camp, parents must fill out a Medication Dispensing Form online, or on Monday morning. All medications will need to be in the original container with your child’s name clearly labeled on the container.

All medications are locked in storage at camp and can be refrigerated if required. If the medication is for emergency use (e.g. inhaler or EpiPen) the counselor will carry it in their emergency waist pack. If your child self-administers their medication, they can carry it in their waist pack.

All our staff are trained in Standard first aid with CPR-C and are required to follow the following procedures:

For minor incidents (bumps, minor cuts, bruising, etc.), counselors are to treat the camper, write an incident report, and follow up in person with the approved parent/guardian at the end of the day.

For major incidents (broken bones, medical emergencies, anaphylactic reaction, etc.), counselors will activate emergency procedures. This includes an immediate 911 call (if required) and first aid treatment for the campers. Parents will be notified right away, and an incident report will be completed. If you have specific questions regarding our emergency procedures, feel free to contact us.


Extreme heat: The camp coordinator checks the weather daily to help keep campers safe. In the event of extreme heat, your camper’s counselor will ask them to apply sunscreen every couple of hours. At outdoor sites, they will play in the shaded areas. Indoor sites will play inside with limited time outside in the sun. Counselors will also remind campers to take water breaks regularly throughout the day.

Thunderstorms while indoor: Campers will remain inside, or under a shelter at outdoor sites, continuing their normal camp day until the storm passes over and it’s safe to continue with outdoor play.

Thunderstorms while outdoor: Campers will be taken indoors, or to a sheltered area and play games until the storm passes. During a thunderstorm, water play is not permitted.

Refund Policy

A refund of the registration fee can be obtained upon written request up until two weeks prior to your child’s visit at camp. This ensures enough time for other campers to register in the place of your child. Refunds requested within one week of camp will receive 50% of their fee back. Refunds will not be issued on or after the first day of camp.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact or call Glendon Extended learning at (416) 487-6780.