Program Requirements

The Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication takes two years of part-time studies to complete.

Students take a maximum of six half courses. Four of the courses are in writing and documentation in the workplace and two courses are in computer science or information technology.

If you have previous academic credit in computer science or information technology you may be eligible for advanced standing.

To stay in the program, you need a minimum grade of C+ in each course.

At the end of the program there is a final proficiency examination.

Applicants must:

  • be enrolled in the second year of a degree program at York University in a relevant discipline. This means a field where you write a lot, for example English, history or translation, or a technical discipline like information technology;


  • have completed a university degree in a relevant discipline;


  • have recent work experience in an administrative or a technical field which requires writing.


How to apply:

Students currently enrolled at York University should apply directly to the Program through the School of Translation at Glendon College as they will need to be admitted to the courses to be able to enrol.


Telephone: 416-487-6742

All other applicants should apply through York University’s Office of Admissions.

*Admissions form for on-line applications is: