Are you taking part in an experiential education course or project this summer? Here is a list of those offered in Communications this summer:

  • COMS 2010 (FR – 3.0) Le pouvoir des pixels : jeux et communication
  • COMS 2200 (EN – 3.0) Computer tools and applications for communication
  • COMS 3202 (FR – 3.0) Guide d’exploration de la technoculture: discours et design numériques
  • COMS 4201 (EN – 3.0) Fail. Fail again. Fail better. Mediations and Conflict
  • COMS 3900 (3.0): Onsite professional internship
  • COMS 4900 (3.0): Online professional internship

If you are enrolled in any of these courses you could receive funding for this experiential education opportunity!

Should you be interested, please submit your application by Thursday, April 22, 2021 by filling out this form.

Please reach out to the Experiential Education team should you have any questions at