Are you interested in pursuing an internship in communications this summer? 


Natalie completed her internship with CIBC in the summer of 2019. Click here to read more student testimonials!

The Glendon Communications program is offering two opportunities for internships this summer: COMS 3900 and COMS 4900.

Communications internships are focused on career education and personal development. They provide off-campus (or remote) experiential learning activities designed to provide students with opportunities to make connections between the theory and practice of academic study and the practical application of that study in a professional work environment. Internships offer the opportunity to “try-out” a career while gaining relevant experience and professional connections. Internships are available in both French and English and are completed under the guidance of a workplace supervisor.

If you are interested in:

  • Experiential education
  • Gaining professional connections
  • Learning skills unique to your field
  • Making connections between the theory and practice
  • French and English opportunities

Then, an internship is something you should consider!

Check out the communications internship page for more information and read student testimonials. You can also contact if you have any questions!