Internship Opportunities in Communications

COMS Internships are off-campus experiential learning activities designed to provide students with opportunities to make connections between the theory and practice of academic study and the practical application of that study in a professional work environment. Internships offer the opportunity to “try out” a career while gaining relevant experience and professional connections. Internships are available in both French and English, and are completed under the guidance of an on-site supervisor (i.e. a representative for the workplace where the internship takes place), who in combination with the student will create a framework for learning and reflection.

Learning Objectives:

The main objective of the Communications Internship is career education and personal development through a combination of work in a professional setting and reflective analysis. The student will spend a limited time in a workplace, working under the supervision of media and digital professionals. The minimum number of hours needed for the work experience to qualify as an internship is 80 hours (COMS 3800) or 120 hours (COMS 4800), working either full-time or part-time. They will have an opportunity to learn skills unique to their field; they will gain valuable insider knowledge about their industry and meet the people who may someday be their co-workers and/or supervisors, gaining advantage in the job market. Simultaneously, the student will engage in reflection-analysis, thus testing and enhancing their personal development.

  • An understanding of how liberal arts coursework ties to professional careers of interest;
  • Gain insight into a possible career path of interest while learning about the industry in which the organization resides, organizational structure, and roles and responsibilities within that structure;
  • Develop professional connections and identify a strategy for maintaining those connections.

Student Testimonials

“During the summer of 2019, I worked with Terre des Hommes Romania, an international NGO that aims to help children worldwide. In Romania, this looked like helping migrant children from war torn countries resettle in their new home. We also worked with Roma (a nomadic people group) children, who have trouble with reintegrating into school systems after moving around with their family. And we created mentorship and volunteer opportunities for Romanian teens to help with our program. My job specifically was to help create content on social media platforms and the organization’s website to inform people about the programming. I also helped translate some documents, take photos at events, and help mentor some of the Romanian teens who were leading the programming. I lived in Bucharest for 3 months and I had a wonderful experience in Romania and with Terre des Hommes. Romania is such a beautiful country, and the people are warm and friendly. I enjoyed interacting with the youth and learning about the country from their perspective (thankfully, they spoke such wonderful English). I really felt honoured to be able to help migrant youth and be a part of a great organization.”

Marie Gomez | Terre des Hommes Romania (Summer 2019)

A social media post Dael created at his internship for GSGF!

“In my position as Social Media and Communications Strategist, I was responsible for setting the creative vision of the organization. This involved branding, developing social media content, and choosing what we would write about on our blog. Each day presented a new adventure as I scoured the internet for the perfect source or image that would help me finalize my deliverable. I was deeply invested in my work, regularly spending hours designing the graphic layout of our templates and phrasing my blog posts as eloquently as possible. Overall, I truly enjoyed my time at GSGF. As someone devoted to academic governance, focusing on teaching and learning, I can attest to GSGF’s vision of accessible, 21st century learning being a truly laudable aim.”

*Check out one of Dael’s projects here: NASA Latest Mission: Persevering to Mars

Dael Vasquez | Green Schools Green Future (Summer 2020)

“During the summer of 2020, I interned at Exousia Media Group. They are a multimedia and theatre company that utilizes the arts to envision creative projects for all audiences, globally. This summer, they launched an online merchandise store, and I even had the pleasure of creating some of the designs myself. In the video below, you’ll see Behind the Scenes footage of our photoshoot entitled ‘Unity’.  I had the privilege of filming and editing it myself!”

Mikayla Nembhard | Exousia Media Group (Summer 2020)

“The Communication’s Internship Program at Glendon helped prepare me with the necessary skills for the position of an Analytics Strategy Consultant with CIBC. My role there was to support the development of business strategy and planning deliverables, including articulation of strategic priorities and initiatives. I credit my experience at Glendon for guiding me to respond to shifting business needs and priorities in a systematic and effective way. I recommend the internship program to students looking to apply their knowledge in the classroom to become thought leaders of change!”



Natalie Skillaris | Analytics Strategy Consultant with CIBC (Summer 2019)

“My internship experience in the summer of 2020 helped me grow personally and professionally. The various duties I was tasked with, such as managing multiple social media accounts and websites, and by developing online workshops for high school students, helped me gain experience in research, data analysis, organisation, and in effective communications. Not only did I gain expertise, but I also got to put a few communication models and theories into practice. I believe that the skills that I gained through my internship will help me in my future career goals, and I will forever be thankful for this opportunity!”

Virginie Côté | Glendon Strategic Partnerships (Summer 2020)