The Alternate Exam Centre is open. There is no change to your scheduled alternate tests or exams for courses that are continuing during the labour disruption. For courses that are temporarily suspended during the labour disruption, we will update your alternate test or exam request once the labour disruption is over and these courses resume. Do not cancel any of your online requests: our office needs all of the original test information to process the required changes.

To check the status of your courses, please go to or

To review the status of your test or exams with the Alternate Exams Office, please go to View my Bookings. 

Glendon Accessibility Services and Student Services work in partnership to support alternate exam/test accommodation services for students with disabilities.

Important Dates

The online request system:

  • opens on Thursday, January 4 for submission of requests for accommodations for Winter and Y Term courses;
  • closes at midnight on Thursday, March 21.

During the first 10 days of the term, there is a grace period for submission of requests.

W Thursday, January 4 through Friday, April 6 two (2) weeks in advance of any test date
W Monday, April 9 through Monday , April 23 on or before Wednesday, March 21
Y Thursday, January 4 through Friday, April 6 two (2) weeks in advance of any test date
Y Monday, April 9 through Monday , April 23 on or before Wednesday, March 21

Request an Alternate Exam

  1. Register with the Accessibility Counsellor at the Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling (AWC) Center. Whether you are a new or continuing student, you need to be currently registered with the accessibility services to access alternative exam/test scheduling services. 
  2. Review the alternate exam/test scheduling procedures. Before we can begin scheduling your alternate exam/test requests, you need to sign the Alternate Exam/test Agreement form and return it to the accessibility counsellor
  3. Connect with your course directors. You are encouraged to set up a time in the first few weeks of class to discuss your academic accommodation needs with your course directors.  Check your course outlines as soon as you receive them for a list of upcoming test/exam dates.
  4. Submit your alternate exam/test request online. It is the student responsibility to submit their request at least 3 weeks in advance of the scheduled dates.
  5. Review your request history before logging off to ensure accuracy of all tests details.
  6. Check your alternate exam or test booking information online one (1) week prior to the scheduled date. Report any discrepancies to the Alternate Exam and text office immediately.
  7. Changes might occur after a booking has been posted online. Please ensure you check online regularly for updates.
  8. Review the Policies and Procedures for writing your alternate exam/test.
  9. Activate your library ACAD lab account in case your alternate exam/test needs to be printed on a printer in one of the student computer labs on campus.

For more information, please consult the Alternate exams and tests booklet

To reschedule an exam or test for students currently registered with Accessibility Services, follow these steps.
  1. Contact your course instructor for permission to reschedule the exam or test. Please note that permission to reschedule is at the discretion of the course instructor and is not guaranteed. Scheduling is dependent on space availability. If you have been corresponding with your course instructor by e-mail and have confirmation of their approval to reschedule, you may upload, attach or send a copy of the e-mail as an electronic signature from the course instructor.
  2. If permission is granted by your instructor,complete and submit a signed Alternate Exam/Test Rescheduling Request Form at least five (5) business days in advance of the rescheduled exam/test date.
  3. Review the Policies and Procedures for writing your rescheduled exam/test.

Booking confirmation will appear online one (1) week prior to the date of your exam/test. No email confirmation will be sent. If your booking does not appear, please contact the alternate exam office immediately. Changes might occur after a booking has been posted online. Please ensure that you check your booking regularly for updates.


(1) Sign in to the alternate test/exam request

(2) View the history of request of a course

(3) When your test/exam has been confirmed, you will see your booking details