• Please note that faculty members have to provide accommodations in the absence of registration.
  • Fulfill the duty to grant requests related to the reasonable accommodations of a disability up to the point of undue hardship.
  • Consider all accommodations presented in the letter. The letter of accommodation can be used in Human Rights Court.
  • Staff and Faculty have the duty to educate themselves about disability-related issues, deal in good faith, and interact in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect the students’ right to privacy. Course director/professors should not ask the student for “proof”, for their diagnosis, or for the nature of the disability. Only information listed in the letter of accommodations or to better understand how to accommodate the student can be discussed.
  • When a disagreement occurs, it is the duty of the course director/professor to explain how the accommodations impinge on academic integrity or surpasses the point of undue hardship. If the accommodation is found to violate academic integrity (or undue hardship) the professor and student are to negotiate alternative forms of accommodations.
  • Provide dates of tests, quizzes, and exams in the timely manner (at least 20 business days’ notice) to allow the students to take the appropriate steps to receive their accommodations.
  • Provide reading list and list of courses material in advance, of course, start date to allow students to access alternative formats (i.e. braille or PDF).
  • Understand and follow all policies and procedures related to Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities put in place by the York University Senate. York University Senate.

For more information please see York University Centre for Human Rights

Teaching Students with Disabilities

  • This website is provided to increase disability awareness among faculty members, teaching assistants and staff at York University. The support service offices listed in this guide, as well as York’s Access committee may assist students who have mobility, visual, auditory, learning, mental health or systemic disabilities to become integrated and successful members of the York community.

Faculty Resource Guide: Teaching Students with Disabilities

  • This Resource Guide for Teaching Students with Disabilities is designed to assist faculty and teaching assistants (TAs) in supporting students with disabilities  in their courses.