In addition to enjoying the same rights as all other students, you have the rights to:

  • Equitable access to educational opportunities by means of appropriate academic accommodations relating to your educational goals.
  • Privacy and confidentiality- your disability status will not be disclosed to any third party without your informed consent.


  • Whether or not you self-identify to the University as a student with a disability, you are responsible for meeting the same standards of behaviour to which all York University students are held, as outlined in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities and other policies put forth by the University.
  • If you are requesting accommodation or other assistance because of your disability, you must first self-identify as a student with a disability as early as reasonably feasible after you have accepted a place at York University/Glendon Campus.
  • You must provide necessary documentation in regards to the nature of your disability to Accessibility Services.
  • You must deliver and discuss your letter of accommodation with each of your course directors at the beginning of each term or as soon as possible.
  • Participate in initial and then periodic discussions regarding possible accommodation solutions.
  • Share all relevant information with Accessibility Services so that appropriate support and academic accommodation can be arranged.
  • Recognize your accountability for your own learning so as to fulfill all academic requirements and demonstrate mastery of the curriculum in your courses
  • Understand and follow all policies and procedures in relation to Academic Accommodation for Student with Disabilities put in place by the York University Senate.

For more information please see York University Centre for Human Rights