You and your student are starting a new chapter in your lives. Coming to Glendon is an exciting experience. The bilingual campus offers a unique educational experience at the heart of one of Canada’s most diverse cities. We welcome all students with disabilities to Glendon.

Accessibility Services

Changes in the parent and support person role

The transition to university often presents unique challenges and opportunities. Students are now responsible for initiating their accommodation process and communicating their needs to the University staff and faculty. While accommodations at the University level can mirror those received in high school, a greater level of independence is expected of your student.

Your role as a parent or support person has now changed. Your role has shifted from an advocacy role to a supporting role. You can help your student develop their independence by encouraging them to familiarize themselves with the resources available at Glendon Campus.


For many, the most striking difference in the transition to University is confidentiality. Glendon’s Accessibility Service operates within the frameworks of PHIPA, OHRCMinistry of Training, Colleges and Universities and York University Senate Policies and Guidelines. In line with the policies and guidelines, the services offered at the Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling centre are confidential. We communicate directly with the student about their accommodation needs.

How can I support my student?

Help your student realize that they are not alone and that there are supports and services on campus to help them with the transition. Encourage your student to ask questions. Support them in developing and strengthening self-advocacy skills and self-efficacy.

If your student is having difficulty transitioning, encourage them to speak with their Accessibility Counsellor or to access support through working with a personal counsellor at the Accessibility, Well-being, and Counselling Centre.

Other resources on campus to consider:

Questions related to programs, course selections, or enrolment: Academic Services

Questions related to tuition, OSAP, or refunds: Financial Services

Questions related to student life: Student Affairs

The first appointment

The first appointment can be nerve-wracking for many students. This is a new experience, and change can be difficult. Our staff at the Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling centre are experienced counsellors who understand the challenges of transitioning into University life. We encourage the student to come to their appointment independently. Parents and other support persons may accompany their student to the centre and wait in the waiting room during the intake appointment.

Intake appointments are approximately 2 hours.