You can access several of the publications of CRLCC  members which have been saved on the York University’s Digital Repository YorkSpace. YorkSpace is fully open to the public and the publications are accessible in their entirety. You can perform a variety of searches on the YorkSpace repository.

You can also access a wider range of CRLCC members’ on line publications or abstracts. Note, however, that these online resources may be limited by several factors. Access to specific publications will depend on the electronic journals or publications that your university library has subscribed to.

The on line publications accessible on this web page do not include all of the publications of the CRLCC  members, related to Language Contact. For a more comprehensive listing of these publications, you can consult publications indexes such as LLBA, or ERIC, or the web pages of the CRLCC members, or the research project descriptions of the CRLCC members on this web site.