Organizer: Dominique Scheffel-Dunand  

The GNL workshop will introduce the concept of Globally Networked Learning as a method for fostering online collaborative international education and explain how the method fits in the eLearning landscape. Faculty working on the conceptualization and production of Globally Networked Learning components in their existing courses will share experiences and report on challenges associated with intercultural and multilingual communication. In a second part of the workshop, attendees will be guided through the process of transforming a current course into one that takes advantage of the online environment to deliver on internationalization in an innovative and productive way, by learning about the GNL resource mapped into a database developed at YorkU to meet their needs. Attendees are encouraged to bring a syllabus for one of their current courses to find common stratsegies with Faculty already engaged in developing GNL components into their existing courses. A review of cases studies including GNL components highlighting research challenges already overcome by instructors in North America and around the world will help discussing individual projects in small groups.