Although all these terms may be defined, boundaries between them are far from being clear-cut.

Sociolinguistics – Language, Dialect, Variety
This video discusses the different approaches towards language, dialect, and variety. It provides several criteria of language definition as well as numerous problems involved.

From Pidgin to Creole: A story of Suriname
Features the story of Suriname where escaped slaves with no common language forged a pidgin language to enable basic communication. Reportedly, the first generation of offspring infused this language with syntax and created a new creole language.

06.2 What are pidgins and creoles?
Prof. Anthony Pym defines “pidgins” and “creoles”.

Language vs. Dialect
A school project on language and dialects.

Speaking in Tongues: The History of Language Episode #2 Constant Change preview
In this program, John McWhorter, author of The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language; Lyle Campbell, of the University of Utah; Brian Joseph, of The Ohio State University; and population geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza examine factors that contributed to the diversification and spread of languages, including early migration, the introduction of agriculture, and genes. Language transfer from mother to child and from one population to the next is also investigated, along with the concept of dialects and commonalities among the worlds more than 6,000 languages. (48 minutes) One part of a five part ground breaking documentary series

A short video on Italian Dialects
This video looks at various Italian dialects and how they diverge from Italian.

Ha Kam Wi Tawk Pidgin Yet? 1
Ha Kam Wi Tawk Pidgin Yet? 2
An example of Hawaiian pidgin by native speakers.