North-South Brain Health Educational Initiative Pilot Project

The goal of this pilot project is to share and transfer advanced knowledge in cognition and on the brain to primary care and community teams. The project aims to support front-line workers by further improving their understanding of the brain, various behaviors and diagnostics, treatments as well as community support programs for those afflicted with cognitive disorders. This will be done with a focus on the provision of services in both official languages.

This approach brings together interdisciplinary health care providers from across the province to enhance their knowledge. Furthermore, the project provides clinicians with some pragmatic tools to become leaders in neurological care as well as promote self-management within their communities. The project also serves as a foundational network for further development of clinical and research activities, as part of a larger strategy to improve the delivery of health services to Franco-Ontarians.

Pilot project: a free certificate in neuropsychology with a specialization in dementia care

This bilingual interactive course (five days in duration) will be given at Glendon Campus, York University. It will provide participants with updated knowledge of research and best practices in brain health, neurological conditions, and dementia.

This certificate is offered to professionals with a bachelor’s degree or higher education as well as graduate students, who have extensive experience in the care of persons with neurodegenerative disorders.

Specific topics include:

  • The structure and function of the healthy human brain, various cognitive functions and their relationship to the brain.
  • Injury or disease on cognition and overall functioning.
  • Training on the use of tool kits designed for screening/monitoring cognitive impairment, cognitive interventions for memory deficits, and research designs to assist with person-centered care plans of patients with cognitive impairment due to neurodegenerative disorders.
  • An evaluation and feedback of the pilot education program will be required to receive the certificate.

Within the project, a registry will be developed and will include regional, provincial and national pathways to access person-centered care. Specific attention will be paid to the Francophone networks throughout the province and the nation.

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