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The Glendon Centre for Cognitive Health (CCH) supports research in neuropsychology with a focus on cognitive aging. Our researchers are involved in creating knowledge transfer and best practices in the field. The center’s three pillars include: applied research, student internships, and outreaches to the Francophone community.

Neurological conditions (diseases, disorders, and injuries) affect Canadians of all ages. Both the number of individuals facing these challenges and the associated health care costs, are expected to rise as the Canadian population ages1. Policy solutions to support individuals will not be universal, but common clusters of conditions and characteristics are important to consider when targeting resources2. Over the next four decades, the world’s population aged 60 and over will triple3. With Francophone seniors outside of Quebec being an underserved population in Canada, training is urgently needed to make sure that we are in the forefront of these demographic challenges. It is crucial to develop innovative assessments and treatment approaches in both official languages, which aim to promote health span for all Canadians.

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