Cognitive Neuropsychology Concentration

The Glendon Psychology Department offers an undergraduate specialization program in cognitive neuropsychology.  Students wishing to focus in this area must take the following courses in addition to those required for the Honours degree:

  • GL/PSYC 3670 3.00   Psychobiology
  • GL/PSYC 3530 6.00   Human Neuropsychology
  • GL/PSYC 3550 3.00   Psychological Testing and Measurement
  • GL/PSYC 3555 3.00   Learning, Behaviour Modification, and Behaviour Management

Course Descriptions


Flyer for the courses

GL/PSYC 3670 3.00   Psychobiology.  This course reviews the biological bases of behaviour, including elements of neuroanatomy, psycho-physiology, psycho-pharmacology and neuropsychology.
Prerequisite: GL/PSYC 2510 6.00 or equivalent.
GL/PSYC 3530 6.00   Human Neuropsychology.  Human Neuropsychology is concerned with the behavioural expression of brain dysfunction. This course reviews the major neuropsychological disorders associated with brain dysfunction and the mechanisms underlying these deficits. Recovery and advances in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment are also discussed.  Prerequisite: GL/PSYC 2510 6.00, GL/PSYC 2520 3.00 and GL/PSYC 3670 3.00.
GL/PSYC 3550 3.00   Psychological Testing and Measurement.  Theoretical and practical aspects of testing and measurement are treated.  Particular attention is given to the principles and problems of measurement in the areas of personality, psychopathology and various cognitive disorders.  In the Neuropsychological Assessment Laboratory, students become familiar with an array of neuropsychological testing instruments, and have the opportunity to conduct assessments with fellow students.
Prerequisites: GL/PSYC 2510 6.00 and GL/PSYC 2530 3.00 or equivalents.
GL/PSYC 3555 3.00   Learning, Behaviour Modification, and Behaviour Management.  This course examines fundamentals in learning and behaviour modification, with an emphasis on the application of behavioural principles in a clinical setting. Topics include classical and operant conditioning, reinforcement stimulus and environmental control, self-monitoring, and behavioural intervention geared to people who suffer from various cognitive disorders. Prerequisite: GL/PSYC 2510 6.00, GL/PSYC 2520 3.00 and GL/PSYC 2530 3.00.
As part of a Network  for Applied Research and Health-Care in Ontario, Glendon College advocates an  interdisciplinary approach to health-care.   The Cognitive Neuropsychology Concentration coordinates applied research  opportunities between Glendon students and affiliated hospitals and health  centres.  The arrangement provides  students with valuable hands-on experience, and hospitals with the services of  knowledgeable psychology students.