UPDATE: GDML During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Remote Lab Computers Access 

Did you know it is now possible to remotely access Glendon lab computers? This service allows students to connect to our lab computers remotely in order to use software not available via other means. These applications include Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Antidote, Sketchup, etc. A more detailed description of the service, along with instructions on how to connect from home can be found here.
To connect specifically to GDML computers, one needs only to become a member of the Glendon Digital Media Club. GDML computers are equipped with the most recent version of Adobe Creative Suite (CS) apps.

Borrowing equipment

It is now possible to borrow GDML equipment. All faculty members and staff can borrow the equipment located at the Frost library by filling out the reservation form located on the Frost library web page (up to 5 business days notice is required for processing). Appointments for pick up will be made on Thursdays, between 11am and 4pm. Items can be returned without an appointment during this time. Visit the GDML website to learn more

GDML During the Covid-19 Pandemic