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Meet the Director

Audrey Pyée


Audrey Pyée is an assistant professor in the History Program at York University’s Glendon Campus. Audrey’s full profile here.



The mission of the Glendon Digital Media Lab

In 2017, Mark Jurdjevic (History), Audrey Pyée (History) and Philippe Theophanidis (Communications) won a grant from York University’s Academic Innovation Fund Grant cat. 1 to build a campus-wide digital media lab for Glendon College’s students and faculty. The goal of the Glendon Digital Media Lab (GDML) provides a range of media hardware and software, as well as services for course-specific initiatives. Jurdjevic, Pyée, and Theophanidis wanted to offer students and faculty access to professional media hardware and software and direct, hands-on experience in digital production. Digital technologies and media literacy have become a crucial component of all career scenarios. Media literacy has not only become increasingly essential as a pedagogical tool but is also a skill that is in high demand by employers. Educators need flexible digital equipment to integrate a variety of media-related experiential education across a range of courses. The limited but versatile equipment GDML requires targets precisely this requirement. It creates the opportunity for a variety of experiential integration: from virtual field trips to video interviews, podcast creation, website design and management, audiovisual translation, 3D environment design, telecollaboration, digital storytelling and edition, visual identity creation and more. By providing faculty members and students with opportunities for on-campus digital learning experiences, the objective of GDML is to enhance Glendon’s position as a leader in experiential education.