Glendon Digital 2020

Discover innovative student projects in the very first edition of Glendon Digital! 

1. Bilingualism
This project, done by Mikayla Nembhard, Janice Emagalit, Christina Tini and Morgan Blair, is about the miscommunication of language at Glendon. It mainly focuses on the English and French language that Glendon prides itself on. However, is Glendon really a bilingual environment? They talk with their peers around campus trying to gather information regarding the matter.

2. Catching The Wind
Catching the Wind is a short documentary by Lili Fernandez, Simon Manabat, Ocean Palmer (Students At Keele Campus). It follows the day of two brave Canadian surfers eager to explore the cold Ontario Lakes waves.

3. Desire Paths
Video by Janine Cash, Jamie Quizon and Diego Vargas on Sarah Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology and the related concept of desire paths.

4. El Mocambo
Throughout its fascinating history over the past 70 years, the El Mocambo Tavern on Spadina has remained one of the most integral places in the city to cultivate local treasures, an incubator of marginal musical subcultures.Unfortunately, this often underestimated institution does not bear the title of the famous monument, nor the historic site. With her video, Katarina Lupert intends to honour the historical value of El Mocambo and promote its status as an icon of the rock legend.

5. Failure of Communication in Art with Kids
Rebecca Mangra’s video serves to illustrate how an image is not solely a thing you see with your eyes; it is an experience. When we fail to understand or communicate, it is not merely a failure. This failure and sense of lacking allows us to experience a painting or another form of communication in a whole new way. When we fail, it isn’t the end of the process. In this video, we can see how these kids don’t have a solid understanding of the paintings and yet, they present a whole new, very interesting, experience!

6. Glendon Air Quality Sensor
Eliza Ionescu designed a 3-d printed enclosure for the air quality sensors at Glendon.

7. How to Save The Planet – Is it Enough?
Project by Mason Barclay, Virginie Côté, Lana Lebzo, Leandra Williamson.
The goal of the video was to depict what it is like for an average university student to help “save” the environment. The issue of climate change is bright up in the beginning of the film. Then it focuses on the various ways in which a “normal” university student deals with climate change. She does this by following new social trends, such as using bamboo toothbrush, using biodegradable phone cases, etc. The video aimed to let viewers think if that is enough? As an individual who has no connection to power, what is it that we can do as regular citizens of the world to combat climate change.

8. The Canadian Dream: The Life and Times of Leonard Cohen
In this podcast, Arreniya Anandakumar explores Leonard Cohen and common recurring
themes amongst his works.

9. The Skin I’m In
In his short vlog style video, Mason Barclay discusses his skin care and the way it has impacted his life since high school as well as skincare from a black perspective.

10. White Noise
White noise by Jonathan Chen:
“The invasive thoughts that arise from our subconscious. Without reason, and unavoidable.”