Economics is the study of how people and organizations choose to allocate limited resources across competing areas. You will learn about management, international markets, and labour markets, as well as the fundamentals of economic theory. You will examine questions such as why some countries are rich and others poor, and why rent is so much higher in Toronto than in Sudbury, and whether free trade will make us richer.

  • Our program offers a unique balance between technical analysis and skill-building, and the application of skills to real-world problems. It also allows you the flexibility to shape your degree to match your interests — focus on contemporary economics, economics and business or economic forecasts, or pursue a mathematical and statistical concentration.
  • Courses like Game Theory and Economics include real-world managerial projects, giving you the knowledge and practical skills you will need to be competitive in the workforce.
  • Our professors have a strong international background and have real-world experience. Vincent Hildebrand specializes in labour/population economics, microeconometrics, public finance, and immigration; Rajeev Sharma is an international trade lawyer; Xavier de Vanssay is a specialist in international economics and public finance; and Can Erutku is an expert in industrial organizations as well as natural resources and the environment.
  • Our Economics Club welcomes high-profile guests through their annual speakers series. Past guests include former governor of the Bank of Canada, John Crowe, demographics guru David Foot, and Alan Redway, former Canadian politician and partner at Redwin & Butler law firm in Toronto.

Careers & Alumni

Our program can lead you to a career in business as a commodities broker, financial analyst, investment banker, market research analyst, management consultant, strategic planner, foreign trade analyst, or tax auditor.

Economics is also good preparation for law, politics, diplomacy, government, and administration. You will also be prepared to pursue graduate studies in business and economics.


Professor Xavier de Vanssay is a specialist in public policy, public choice, and international economics. He received his PhD from Simon Fraser University and joined Glendon’s Economics Department in 1990. Since then, he has been a Visiting Professor at Sciences Po (Paris) and other universities.

He has published scholarly articles on theoretical and empirical aspects of public policy issues as well as on international economics.
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Program Highlights

Economics is available as a bilingual or trilingual international Bachelor of Arts.

Listen to high-profile guest speakers, such as demographics expert David Foot at the annual Speakers’ Series, hosted by the Economics Club.

Take one of our 11 courses accredited by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA  – Glendon)

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