Mouhamed Diallo (BA, 2019)

Mouhamed is currently working as a Financial modelling analyst at Operis.

“As a French-speaking international student, studying at Glendon gave me the opportunity to both pursue my passion for Economics and improve my English in a bilingual environment. 
 The smaller campus and class sizes make Glendon a unique place where you can simultaneously indulge in your studies and connect with your classmates and professors. This proximity with peers also translates into a lot of opportunities that definitely help advance your career. 
 One of the things I liked most about studying at Glendon was the flexibility of the Economics program. I could choose from a variety of specializations, while still exploring my interests in other fields. 
At Glendon, I attended some of the most captivating and valuable lectures of my life. I met incredible professors who challenged and inspired me both academically and personally.   
Finally, I can say that the many experiences and lessons I learned at Glendon were key in shaping my critical thinking ability and who I am today. ”

Nathaly Minda (BA, 2019)

Now as a graduate, my goal is to build a career in Wealth Management and create a financial platform for newcomers from Latin America. 

“I am an international student from Ecuador. I pursued Business Economics at Glendon College for two reasons: exposure to the business world and a deeper understanding of economic phenomena such as poverty and inequality; which are predominant issues in Ecuador. My major lead me to have a keen interest in personal finance which is a powerful tool that not only prepares you for everyday life, it could help break financial barriers on a bigger picture. As part of my student life, I got the following academic recognitions and awards: (1)Scott Cawfield Prize in Business Economics (2018-2019) which is awarded to the highest graduating student in the Business Economics program, (2) EconomicsDepartment book prize (2018-2019), and (3)Continuing Student Scholarship (2017).”

Shania John (BA, 2019)

Shania is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts (MA) in Economics at McGill University and is also a teaching assistant for microeconomic analysis and application.

“Moving from Dominica to pursue academic studies, I desired a supportive and diverse academic community that enabled me to excel.   The Economics Program at Glendon provided me with training through rigorous empirical research in Econometrics courses, which complemented the theoretical models explored in the Microeconomics and International Economics. Moreover, supportive professors in the department create the ideal environment for one to thrive academically.  Throughout my academic journey. I was awarded the Monica McQueen Scholarship, York University Continuing Student Scholarship and upon graduation, the Economics Department Prize. Moreover, I had the opportunity to serve as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, represent students on the adjudication committee and coordinate disaster relief efforts with the student union. Ultimately, Glendon provided an all-around invaluable and rewarding experience.”

Taylor Kroezen (BA, 2018)

Taylor is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts (MA) in Economics at the University of Toronto.

Taylor’s interests in economic analysis and financial systems paired with her desire to study in a bilingual environment led her to study Business Economics at Glendon. Glendon’s small but mighty campus gave her the opportunity to pursue these interests with close contact to Professors. She developed many analytical skills, and ability to think critically about the economic decisions that shape our world today.” 

Denis Korzak (BA, 2017)

Denis is currently working in the Financial Analytics & Strategy Division at HomeStars

“There are two main reasons why I have decided to join the department of Economics at Glendon College. Firstly, bilingual environment of Glendon allows to immerse into French culture and truly ameliorate the knowledge of French language. Secondly, a wide variety of courses, combined with excellent location of the campus, make Glendon a formidable place to study and development. Thanks to small classes and extremely qualified professors I was able to integrate into the learning process from my first year of university and to pursue one of my dreams – Master’s in Economics.”