The bilingual Economics Program at Glendon University College offers majors developing critical thinking to aspiring future economists as well as students attracted to the discipline because of its intellectual challenge, its importance in present-day society, and its relevance for career plans in such fields as law, politics, diplomacy, business, government, and administration

To achieve these objectives the Economics Program offers a basic core of courses in theoretical and applied economics. Our rigorous training progresses from foundation courses in economics and quantitative methods to specialized advanced courses including industrial organization, international economics, development economics, corporate finance, game theory, public economics and econometrics. Our current areas of expertise give students the opportunity to concentrate their studies on a stream of specialization in Public Policy, Financial Economics or Quantitative Economics. We strive to offer a sound, up-to-date foundation for graduate studies in economics or business.

The liberal art perspective embedded in our programs provides our students a unique opportunity to give a multidisciplinary dimension to their training.  Students have the possibility to combine their program in Economics with studies in mathematics, political science, international studies or add an international component by participating in an exchange program abroad.

Throughout their studies, our students benefit from a closed collaboration with their professors in the unique bilingual environment we offer at Glendon.

Economics offers the following degree types and certificates:

  • Specialized Honours BA/iBA
  • Honours BA/iBA
  • Honours Double Major BA/iBA
  • Honours Major/Minor BA/iBA
  • Honours Minor BA
  • Bachelor of Arts

Students must follow the undergraduate calendar requirements for the year they entered or switched into their program.

Access detailed program requirements below:
Economics BA and iBA Degree requirements 2017-2018