Creative Writing at Glendon

Creative Writing at Glendon is in a period of transition. It consists of four courses (GL/EN 3801 The Literary Craft; GL/EN 3802 The Craft of Poetry; GL/EN 3805 The Storyboard: Screenplay Writing and the Graphic Novel; GL/EN 4800 Writing and Community) which are designed with the ultimate goal of building a certificate in creative writing. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the launch of the certificate and the offerings of these courses, but we are hopeful that we will be able to offer them in the near future.

They are taught by a professional writer, Chris Dewdney, an award-winning author of eleven books of poetry and five books of non-fiction. The Michael Ondaatje Reading series is integrated into both courses providing students with extraordinary first-hand exposure to award-winning, bestselling authors.

Graduates of Professor Dewdney’s previous creative writing workshops at York University include: singer/songwriter Steven Page, jazz musician Michael Occhipinti, novelist Jennifer Duncan, poet and fiction author Tim Conley, poet and publisher Jay MillAr, author Geoffrey Hlibchuk, poet and playwright Angela Rawlings, poet Michael deBeyer, screenwriter Steve McKay, novelist/journalist Kyle Buckley and poet Stevie Howell to name a few.

Augmenting the creative writing workshops is Poetry and Poetics (GL/EN 2643), a course that traces the evolution of poetry from the earliest origins of language in Africa, through the rise of literacy in Mesopotamia and then on through Greek, Roman and English poetry to recent times.

Steven Page, Singer/Songwriter

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Steven Page, Singer/Songwriter