Michael Barutciski

Associate Professor

Canadian Studies


***REDUCED WORKLOAD (2020-2021)***

LLD - Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II)
LLM - Osgoode Hall Law School
LLB - Université de Montréal
BA - McGill University

Les dilemmes de protection internationale des réfugiés : Analyse de l'action du HCR, Presses Académiques Francophones, 2018

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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Other Publications

"Ottawa should appeal Federal Court's invalidation of Safe Third Country Agreement", Inside Policy, 30 July 2020  https://www.macdonaldlaurier.ca/ottawa-appeal-federal-courts-invalidation-safe-third-country-agreement-michael-barutciski-inside-policy/

"Despite Trump, courts will consider the US 'safe' for refugees", Inside Policy, 6 December 2019 https://www.macdonaldlaurier.ca/despite-trump-courts-will-consider-us-safe-refugees-michael-barutciski-inside-policy/ 

"Débat : L’asile mène au populisme", Global Brief, Summer/Fall 2019, pp. 56-59 https://globalbrief.ca/2019/07/mass-migration-western-society-and-the-populist-tide/ 

"Our hands aren't tied on the border", National Post, 21 August 2018, p. A9 https://nationalpost.com/opinion/canada-has-to-stop-pretending-our-hands-are-completely-tied-on-the-border 

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"Canada's illogical refugee policy" National Post, 16 August 2017, p. A9 http://nationalpost.com/opinion/michael-barutciski-legal-loophole-allows-illegal-migrants-to-claim-refugee-protection/wcm/e441a98c-93a1-4c78-a532-cccaec8e04fd

”U.S. welcoming more refugees than you may think",
National Post, 14 March 2017, p. A9 http://nationalpost.com/opinion/michael-barutciski-the-u-s-under-trump-is-still-making-more-room-for-refugees-than-canada-and-the-eu-combined/wcm/92bb2127-ab1e-433c-88ed-9912811569c9

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