David Lawrence

Course Director



David Lawrence's research interests are in early modern martial culture and organized violence and he teaches courses on British History, War and Society in Early Modern Europe and World War I. He is the author of The Complete Soldier: Military Books and Military Culture in Early Stuart England, 1603-1645 (Brill, 2009)

United Kingdom
War, Military and Security

Toronto (2006)
Kings College, London (1992) and UNC-Greensboro (1987)



  • I am currently working on civic militarism and military performance in early modern England, exploring the phenomenon of merchant-soldiers who joined the London and provincial military companies before the outbreak of the English Civil War.


  • The Complete Soldier: Military Books and Military Culture in Early Stuart England 1603-1645. Leiden: Brill, 2009.  Full Text (HTML)  
Journal Articles


  • “Reappraising the Elizabethan and Early Stuart Soldier: Recent Historiography on Early Modern English Military Culture,” History Compass, 9/1 (2011): 16–33.
  • Forsyth, L., Gould, D., Lawrence, D. “History Didactics in the Post Cold War World: Central Asia, the Middle East and China,” The History Teacher, Volume 33, Number 4, August 2000, pp. 1–26.    
Book Chapters


  • “The Evolution of the English Drill Manual: Soldiers, Printers and Military Culture in Jacobean England.” In Negotiating The Jacobean Printed Book edited by A. P. Langman, Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing, 2011  

Full Text (HTML) Lawrence, D. R. “Great Yarmouth’s Exercise: Urban Militarism and Civic Military Performance in Early Stuart England,” in Worth and Repute: The Play of Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, edited by L. Woods and K. Kippen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010.  Full Text (HTML)