Jack Cecillon

Sessional Lecturer



Cecillon has studied cultural and linguistic conflict within the North American Catholic church over bilingual education. His previous studies have included work on aboriginals, the Seven Years` War, the American Revolution, and Canada`s policy of multiculturalism. More recently, he has begun examining the life of immigrant communities in the Windsor border region between 1870 and 1930.

Francophone Communities
Indigenous People
Multiculturalism and Transculturalism
Religious Beliefs
Second Language Education

York University
University of Windsor

Bachelor of Education: 

University of Western Ontario

Certficat de français: 

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 


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•    Emerging Loyalties, Canada: A People's HIstory Series. CBC-Thomson/Nelson Publishing, 2006. (co-author)  

Journal Articles
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•    “Early Struggles for Bilingual Schools and the French Language in the Windsor-Detroit Border Region, 1851-1910”, in Historical Studies in Education, spring, 2009.    

Book Chapters

    •    «La crise scolaire et les francophones du sud-ouest ontarien», in Michel Bock and François Charbonneau, Le siècle du Règlement XVII. Sudbury: Éditions Prise de Parole, 2015: 122-149.   
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Other Publications

Pedagogical resources: 

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Director, Ontario Historical Society, 2003-2008

Finalist Judge, Governor General`s Committee for Excellence in the Teaching of Canadian History, 2001-2011