Célia Romulus


Célia Romulus joined the department of International Studies as an Assistant Professor. Célia Romulus completed her PhD in the department of Political Studies at Queen’s University (Canada).  Célia’s doctoral research focused on the normalization of gendered state repression under the Duvalier dictatorship; how these systematized forms of violence shaped movements of population out of Haiti; and the notion of citizenship as experienced by multiple generations of migrants. Her research and teaching draws from Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racist Education; Afro and Decolonial Feminisms and explores questions related to explores the Gender and Politics of Memory, Migrations, Citizenship, Political violence; Interdisciplinary Methods.

Prior to completing her PhD, Célia Romulus worked as a programme director in the areas of gender-based violence in public spaces and security sector reform for UN WOMEN and continues to work as  a consultant and trainer on questions related to anti-oppression, anti-racism, Black femininities/masculinities, gender-mainstreaming in public policies and in development.