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York University’s Faculty of Education at Glendon offers a Bachelor of Education for future French as a Second Language teachers in a concurrent degree program. It is a concurrent program designed specifically to prepare future French Immersion, Extended French, and Core French teachers in Anglophone school boards at the following levels:

  • Primary/Junior (kindergarten to grade 6)
  • Junior/Intermediate (grade 4 to grade 10)
  • Intermediate/Senior (grade 7 to grade 12)

This program addresses a provincial need to prepare additional well-qualified French as a Second Language teachers. Our bilingual campus and excellence in language education provide the ideal setting for this program. Many students report great experiences in the program and find jobs in their field upon graduation.

Not only will you be studying how to become a teacher, you’ll be learning how to teach French specifically as a subject, with French immersion placements being what sets us apart. This relevant experience will equip you with the different language learning settings and teaching skills needed to set you apart in the job market after you graduate.

It is also important to note that this BEd program is reserved for Glendon graduates only – you need to have completed your bachelor’s degree at Glendon in order to continue in or submit an application to this program.

When will I start my BEd courses?

Your first years at Glendon are a time to familiarize yourself with university life and to complete your BA courses. BEd courses begin later in the degree.

To be a teacher in Ontario, you need to obtain two degrees:

  • An undergraduate degree (also called a Bachelor’s degree)
  • A Bachelor of Education degree (BEd)

Concurrent BEd program

As a Glendon student in the concurrent program, you’ll be graduating with two degrees together—a BA and a BEd—over five or six years (depending on the level at which you want to teach). In our program, your first three or four years are focused on the courses for your BA program(s), and you’ll focus on your BEd and practica starting in your fourth or fifth year. Some of your BEd courses will be held at the Keele campus, but you can take our free shuttle bus to get between both campuses—it runs regularly from morning to night.

You’ll have the option to:

  • Take courses for your BA (typically French Studies), and your BEd for teaching French, primarily at the Glendon campus (BA and BEd at Glendon; OUAC code YGJ).
  • Take courses for any BA program at Glendon while learning to teach another subject  (in English) through the Concurrent BEd program at the Keele campus (BA at Glendon with BEd at Keele; OUAC code YYI).

What should I major in?

The majority of students will be French Studies majors, but it depends on which level of students you wish to teach. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

There are two points of entry for the BEd programs. Firstly, you can apply directly from high school (also known as the direct-entry option) or you can apply while currently a York university student.

The demand for spaces in our BEd programs is high and the admissions process is competitive. Since there are several steps in the admission process, it’s critical that you follow each step by the specified deadline.

High School Applicants

If you’re planning to apply to the Concurrent BEd program directly from high school, you will need:

  • To meet Glendon’s minimum admission requirements for the BA by mid-April;
  • Strong written and oral language abilities in both English and French (if you are applying for the BEd French); and
  • A strong supplementary application that includes an experience profile, a personal statement, a processing fee, and two online letters of reference.

For the BEd (French), we’ll be making two rounds of offers (early consideration and standard consideration) and have outlined the steps for both rounds below.  If you choose to follow the steps for early consideration and don’t receive an offer in the early round, your application will automatically be reviewed again in the next round.

Want to attend Glendon but don’t want to specialize in teaching French? Consider Keele’s BEd program in English while completing your degree at Glendon! Read here for more information.

1. Current Ontario High School applicants apply to the program through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre using OUAC code YGJ by mid-January.
If you’re a current high school student who is studying outside of Ontario, or have completed your High School diploma but haven’t attended a post-secondary institution, please apply through the OUAC using the 105 application. After you apply to a Glendon BA program (i.e. French Studies) and receive a York reference number, please submit the Faculty of Education Direct Entry (Pre Education) Concurrent Non-101-application-form by February 1. 

2. Supplementary Form & Additional Information
Access and submit your online supplementary application through MyFile, which includes:

  • An experience profile and summary (see tips here)
  • A personal statement
  • Two online letters of reference

Use your York University student number and birthdate to log in. Once you’re logged in, look to the left-hand menu for “Supplementary Information Forms”.


  • Early consideration deadline for SIF, references and $50 processing fee (YGJ & YYI applicants): March 7, 2022
  • Standard consideration deadline for SIF and references (YGJ & YYI applicants): April 1, 2022
  • Standard consideration deadline for submission of $50 processing fee (YGJ & YYI applicants) and French language assessment (YGJ applicants only): April 8, 2022

3. Online French Language Assessment
In February, you’ll receive an email from Vanessa Paquette, our BEd (French) Recruitment Specialist, inviting you to complete the online French assessment. This helps us to determine whether you would be comfortable with the French components of the program.

There is no special preparation required; this is the same assessment that all Glendon applicants fill out in order to place you in the appropriate level of French class during your Bachelor of Arts studies.

For us to accurately assess you, please refrain from using dictionaries or grammar tools because it may result in being placed at a level that is too challenging for you in September.

4. Application Processing Fee

When you submit your supplementary form, you’ll also be required to submit a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee. Full instructions on how to complete the payment are available through your MyFile account.

If you’ve applied to more than one Bachelor of Education program at York, you only need to submit the payment and Supplementary Information Form once.

Offers of Admission

Because you’re applying to two degree programs, admission for each of the programs (BA and BEd) will be processed separately.

Students who have:

  1. submitted all required documents by the specified deadline dates and
  2. received an offer of admission to a BA program at Glendon by mid-April at the latest

will advance to the Education Admissions Committee review. Decisions for early consideration applicants are typically sent out in early April, and decisions for standard consideration in May. Offers will be extended by mail and via MyFile.

If we’re unable to offer you admission for the Direct Entry BEd program, you can come to Glendon for your BA or BSc and have the opportunity to re-apply for the upper year entry program. The benefits of this option:


Once you’ve accepted your offer of admission to our Concurrent BEd French program through MyFile, you’ll need to take the first steps in enrolling yourself for both your BEd and BA.

For your BA, you’ll receive information on how to book your enrollment appointment online through your MyFile account.

You may be automatically directed to complete the distance enrollment process by email based on your address. If you’re in this situation and would prefer to attend a session on campus (we would strongly suggest that you do so if possible), please contact Academic Advising and we’ll be happy to book your appointment.

Upper-year University Applicants to the BEd Program

For the most up-to-date information, please contact the Faculty of Education directly at: 416-736-5001 or

Please continue to strengthen your BEd teaching portfolio and English/French communication skills in order to gain entry into this program.

Glendon students who will be completing their Glendon BA program by spring 2022 can apply to the Consecutive Bachelor of Education program. 

 Program options:

  • Bachelor of Education, French as a Second Language Glendon campus
  • Bachelor of Education, Keele Campus

Apply through Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (TEAS) at by December 1, 2021.

Information sessions

  • TBD

The session will cover the following:

  • Bachelor of Education (BEd) program models
  • Admission requirements for each teaching certification
  • Deadlines:  application and supporting documentation
  • Practicum experiences
  • Professional Development opportunities

Please register via:

Planning your Supplementary Application?

Some tips to consider:

  • We’re looking for students with a distinct passion for teaching and languages.
  • We value experience in the context of a group, and experience with children in the same age group you want to teach.
  • Follow deadlines and directions carefully!
  • Give yourself time to prepare, write, edit your personal statement and experience profile. We look for personal statements that show deep reflection.
  • Draft it in Microsoft Word, and paste it into the online form once you’re confident that you’re finished.
  • Try not to leave your French assessment or supplementary submission until the last minute.

  1. What should I major/minor in?
  2. Which teachables should I choose in the BEd (French) program?
  3. Will my BEd courses be all taught at Glendon?
  4. Will my BEd courses all be taught in French?

What should I major/minor in?

For those in the Glendon BEd (French): you are required to major in French Studies if you are planning to teach at the Intermediate/Senior and Junior/Intermediate levels. This is because your main teaching subject will be French. If you wish to teach at the Primary/Junior level, we recommend that you major or at least minor in French Studies.

For those in the Keele BEd: Typically, you will major in the program that you are planning to have as your main teaching subject. If you are at the Primary/Junior level, you do not have a teaching subject, so the choice is yours!

Many students who wish to teach in the Intermediate/Senior levels choose to minor in another subject (i.e, English, Canadian Studies, Mathematics) in order to fulfill the courses for their second teachable requirements.

For more information on teaching subjects, visit this page and scroll to the bottom, under certification levels.

Which teachables should I choose in the BEd (French) program?

If you would like to teach at the Primary/Junior level (kindergarten to grade 6), you don’t have to choose a teachable; early language acquisition strategies are at the heart of our program. You are still strongly recommended to major or at least complete a minor in French Studies to give you the best preparation for French teaching.

If you’re planning on teaching at the Junior/Intermediate level (grades 4 – 10), you’ll need to choose French as your one teachable subject.

Future teachers at the Intermediate/Senior level (grades 7 – 12) can choose two teachables; the first one of these needs to be French.

For more information on teaching subjects, please visit this page.

Will all my BEd courses be taught at Glendon?

Most of them will be at Glendon, but if you do need to take an Education course at the Keele campus, you can take our free shuttle bus to get in between the two campuses. It runs often from morning to night.

Will all my BEd courses be taught in French?

Glendon’s BEd (French) program is bilingual. The program prepares you to teach French as a Second Language in Anglophone school boards.