iBA & iBSc Admissions

Bilingual iBA & iBSc

The bilingual iBA & iBSc are direct-entry programs and have the same admission requirements, general application procedures, and deadlines as the corresponding BA & BSc programs.

When applying to the iBA or iBSc bilingual, please choose the corresponding OUAC code  for that program.  If you’re not sure which program you will ultimately major in, simply specify the one that interests you most at the time of application.

Changing majors

You can change your major when you come for your advising appointment, or during or at the end of your first year.  Likewise, if you begin in a BA or BSc program and wish to switch to an international degree in second year, you may do so provided you have maintained the required academic average.

You may switch from an international degree to a BSc or BA during your studies if you wish. These changes are possible for all programs with the exception of Education, Translation, and Mathematics, which have additional application requirements and/or fixed entry points.

Language ability

While there is no minimum level of French required to enter the bilingual iBA or iBSc, the degree is ideally suited to students who have some background in French – either some core French, French immersion, or some other exposure to French.  This is to provide students with a solid foundation for reaching the more advanced level proficiency required for the degree.

Trilingual iBA & iBSc

The trilingual degree is a delayed-entry program requiring one year of university studies prior to entry.  This is intended to provide you with a year to determine whether you are comfortable enough in English and French to incorporate a third language in your studies.

Language ability

This degree has been designed for students who have some background in French – either some core French, French immersion, etc.  Students are not required to have any background in the third language; beginners are welcome.

Applying from first year

If you are applying to first year at Glendon and are interested in the trilingual degree option, we recommend that you apply to the bilingual iBA or iBSc.  You will be switched into the trilingual program once you have determined, with the help of an academic advisor, that you have the appropriate level of English and French to pursue the trilingual program.

Transfer applicants

If you are applying to transfer into Glendon in second year or higher (you have completed one year of university studies or the equivalent), please choose code YGH for trilingual iBA or YYM for trilingual iBSc and specify your program of choice (e.g. international studies, history, etc.). It is strongly recommended that you have some background in French before considering the trilingual program.