Steele and Kaavya looking forward to Ann's Fusion Ball class

Steele and Kaavya looking forward to Ann’s Fusion Ball class

I keep wondering when I’ll finally meet someone at the GAC that isn’t fantastic. Today wasn’t it.

Today was Member Appreciation Day and it was awesome. Snacks and refreshments at the door, a squash exhibition, food, and beverages in the evening. I had a great time.

Everyone is just so friendly. Most of the people I talked to are in incredible shape, but I not once felt judged or intimidated. Instead I felt inspired. They get that fitness is a lifelong endeavour and that sometimes life gets in the way. They all seem to genuinely care about helping me reach my fitness goals.

Plus, everyone is just so fun to talk to. From tips on how to control the weather on the day of your wedding, to why all kids believe they are awesome, the conversation was light, lively and flowed freely.

As it did earlier in the evening, when I attended Fusion Ball with Ann. She joked before class started about talking too much, and then she delivered. Between detailed exercise instructions to hilarious anecdotes about Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite arm exercise, there was little dead air. One might have been forgiven for thinking the wine had been consumed before, as opposed to after, class.

But jokes aside, it was easy to see why Ann is a perennial favourite amongst GAC members. Her instruction was phenomenal. Though I struggled with many of the stability ball moves, she always outlined easier alternatives and was excellent at providing personal instruction when I was need.

The class itself proved to be more difficult than I had expected and a great deal of core strength was required. Though, some of the moves were quite fun, like a sort of push-up where you got to roll forward and push yourself back, and various ones where you got to find your centre of gravity.

It will definitely take some time to get used to working with the ball, but as far as core workouts go, I’m not sure that it can be beat. And as far as instructors go, I’m not sure Ann can either. She was comfortable, fun, and very informative. I’d listen to her talk for another hour any day.

Off to So U Think You Can Dance tomorrow. I know I can’t, but maybe I’ll get lucky and just be in the zone?


Ann teaches Fusion Ball on Tuesdays at 9:30am and 6pm. She also teaches pilates, cycling and yoga and is a personal trainer. Check the schedule for full details!

This post was written by Steele Roddick for the Glendon Athletic Club, as part of his #GACFitnessFeb challenge. Steele is trying something new at the GAC every day for the month of February. Follow his daily posts to read about his adventure in fitness and see all that the GAC has to offer!