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Learn the virtues of martial arts – discipline, awareness, flexibility and physical fitness. The class will be divided into two groups: the Beginner group will focus on basic techniques, self-defence and classical forms (kata) of training; the Intermediate/Advanced group is for those who have mastered the introductory level and wish to continue to perfect their skills. Classes will be held in the Group Exercise Room.Instructors: Isabelle Aubert and Anurag Tandon are both certified black belts and have been training under the direction of Sensei Neville Billimoria since 1995. In 1999, they founded the Aoinagi Toronto dojo at the GAC. In addition to teaching karate, Isabelle and Anurag organize gassukus (outdoor martial arts training), participate in locale karate and tai chi seminars/ tournaments and attend international karate camps. Isabelle, who is bilingual, also teaches self-defence for women. Both have full-time careers as scientists and professors at the University of Toronto. Karate is their passion.

Women’s Self Defence CLASS (FREE):

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Learn how awareness, mind-set, physical skills and self-confidence can minimize your risk of assault.  Designed by and for women, this introductory course covers the basic proactive and reactive aspects of self-defence, including both the psychological and physical elements.

Instructor: Tap the experience of Isabelle Aubert, a traditional karate teacher and self-defence instructor who has been committed to the well-being, empowerment and self-development of women for decades. Isabelle’s teaching style provides a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere, making self-defense accessible to all women. Isabelle is able to teach in both English and French.


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8pm to 930pm
JAN 21 to MARCH 24