Internship and International Exchanges Make Glendon’s MPIA a Destination for Top Students from Canada and Abroad

The graduate students who have chosen the Master’s in Public and International Affairs come from varied academic and professional backgrounds, as well as cultural. All share a profound interest for bilingualism as well as public issues and institutions.

Above are students Adrienne, Alice, Edgar and Bethan. read what they have to say about our program below!



“I appreciate the complexity of policy-making and enjoy the various [Glendon] courses that address different aspects of public policies. Having the chance to direct some of the lessons is a rare opportunity and an important challenge for us, students”


“I was immediately attracted to the MPIA program and the incredible image it presented. […] It offers courses which will undoubtedly help me reach my goals and enrich my future experiences and opportunities. I am happy and proud to be part of this MPIA’s first cohort!”


“I am very pleased with my GSPIA courses and especially look forward to the weekly colloquium series: Canada and its Place in the World. The Glendon MPIA offers a very enriching academic and social environment.”


“Our professors allow us to research and study what interests us and to apply it to the classes. The weekly colloquia have brought interesting perspectives and challenged some of my own ideas.”

Our Students Today

Our students are working all around Canada as well as internationally after they graduate. Here are the top 10 places that our students are working at today:

  1. Ontario Ministry of Education
  2. CMEC Immigration
  3. Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  4. Ontario Ministry of Training
  5. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
  6. Global Affairs Canada
  7. Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
  8. Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
  9. Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
  10. Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport