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Hispanic Studies offers a whole range of courses in language, literature, culture and linguistics. Language courses are designed to provide you with a basic level of fluency in spoken and written Spanish. The literature courses at the introductory level include surveys of major trends and major works in Spanish and Spanish-American literature. At the advanced level, literature and civilization courses provide concentration in both Spanish-American and Spanish cultures. Courses in Hispanic Linguistics examine the structure of Modern Spanish and its different stages of evolution.

Why Hispanic Studies at Glendon?

Several courses in Hispanic Studies offer the choice of French or English as a language of reference, making this program trilingual rather than bilingual. The program’s small classes offer exceptional opportunities for learning and interaction. The department is a full-fledged department, rather than a subsection of Modern Languages (1 of only 3 in Canada), with many exceptional opportunities for tailoring a program of studies to your individual needs

You can specialize in Hispanic Studies by majoring or minoring in the discipline. You can also combine Spanish with a major or minor in another area such as International Studies, Translation, Political Science and others. Alternatively, you can take Spanish for interest as a elective courses. Many of the 600 students registered in the department want to learn Spanish while pursuing their degree in other fields.

In addition to courses, the Department organises a number of cultural activities (film projections, talks, lectures, conferences, discussions with native speakers, etc.) to help you become familiar with the culture and life-style of Spanish-speaking people. You are also invited to join our Spanish Club (Club de Español) to experience the cultures and lifestyles of the Hispanic world.

The growing importance of Spanish in North American life, combined with Canada’s economic and commercial relations with Latin American countries, indicate an expanding potential for professional opportunities.

Careers Paths

Teacher, editor, translator, community developer, foreign service worker, immigration officer. Interested in graduate studies? A Glendon degree provides excellence in education and research opportunities for students pursuing graduate studies and academic careers.


Catherine Kirkpatrick, Glendon Graduate, 2014.
“My best academic decision was to enroll in Hispanic Studies. My degree taught me the intercultural competencies necessary to excel in the 21st century global marketplace. This innovative program led me to Spain, to intern at the Canadian Embassy; to Colombia, to translate for the Municipal government; and to México, to teach at the High School level.”


    Professor Alejandro Zamora brings his rich experience in teaching, journalism, professional and fiction writing to Glendon. He is a specialist in comparative literature and is a recipient of the Principal’s Teaching Award  (2010-2011).

    Study abroad

    Summer 2022:

    Study our course on Community Narratives in Costa Rica at York’s Eco Campus (GL/SP 4608 3.0). For info click here: Flyer Narratives SU2022

    We also offering GL/SP 3100 6.0 Advanced Spanish in Taxco, (Mexico)

    For info click here: SP 3100 SU2022

    To see info flyer, please click here: SP3100-InfoOutline


    Certificate in Spanish for Business & Professional Communication

    Spanish for Business PDF

    Our Certificate in Spanish-English Translation and Certificado en traducción inglés-español were founded with the recognition of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO).

    El Festival de Cine Español :
     Spanish Resource Centre

    Spanish (Hispanic Studies) is available as a trilingual international Bachelor of Arts.

    The Hispanic Studies Department offers several flexible degree options that you can combine with other programs of study at Glendon.


    Take the Online Spanish Placement Test to determine your current level of Spanish.

    Our professors have compiled a list of useful Spanish resources.

    Ready to apply?

    Ontario Universities’ Application Centre Codes
    BA: YGP
    iBA Bilingual: YGG
    iBA Trilingual: YGH (Upper-year entry)

    The introductory courses are open to incoming fist-year students and are offered every year:  GL/SP 1000, GL/SP 2000 and GL/SP 2100. Students must take the Online Placement Test to be placed at the appropriate level. Courses that count for the degree start at 2000 level. These courses help students to develop knowledge of Spanish language, literatures and cultures, and also a basic framework for critical reading and writing. The courses help students to develop skills for further study in Spanish.

    Core courses at the 3000 level are open normally to second or third year Spanish students: GL/SP 3000 centers on consolidating oral and written skills, and stylistics. GL/SP 3200 offers an overview of the the Spanish language for native speakers of Spanish, GL/SP 3300 and GL/SP 3400 are an overview of Spanish and Spanish-American literature, culture and civilization. They are offered every year. Students to enrol in these courses must have taken GL/SP 2000 and GL/SP 2100.

    Spanish students must complete core courses to continue with other upper 3000 and 4000 level courses. They are offered in cycles of alternating years. These courses are limited to honours students. They are designed to provide the students with the opportunity for in-depth study of a chosen topic within a specific area of Spanish language, linguistics, literature, cinema, drama, theory and criticism. All these courses have prerequisites.

    The Hispanic Studies Degree can be combined with the Certificate in Translation Spanish-English/English-Spanish. An entrance exam and specific requirements are necessary to enrol in the program.

    We have a number of cross-listed courses with other departments. A student may take such a course either as a course in Hispanic Studies or as a course in the other subject.
    All of our courses are taught in Spanish, except for our language courses which are taught mostly in Spanish but have English or French as reference language.

    The curriculum in Spanish exposes students to a wide range of research areas, periods, and critical and theoretical frameworks in order to provide students with a sound background to the language and cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

    The Department of Hispanic Studies offers the following degree types and certificates:

    Students must follow the undergraduate calendar requirements for the year they entered or switched into their program. Access detailed program requirements below:

    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2021-2022
    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2020-2021
    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2019-2020
    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2018-2019
    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2017-2018
    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2016-2017
    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2015-2016
    Hispanic Studies BA and iBA Degree requirements for 2014-2015

    Spanish Courses

    Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022

    PDF list of Hispanic Studies Courses offered in 2021-2022

    Classroom instruction

    Featured Courses

    GL/SP 4345 3.00 (SP) Spanish Women in Literature and the Arts: Rethinking the Body
    GL/SP 4470 3.00 (SP) Latin American Literature of the XXI Century
    GL/SP 4694 3.00 (SP) Spanish as a Global Language
    GL/SP 4700 3.00 (SP) The Poetics and Politics of Hispanic Literature and Film
    GL/SP 4706 6.00 (SP) Hispanic Geopoetics: A filed trip to Territory, Identity, Literature


    Getting ready for Fall term INFO

    Courses to be offered in Summer  2022

    GL/SP 3100 6.00 Advanced Spanish – Summer abroad (Glendon / Taxco de Alarcón [México])

    GL/SP 4608 3.00 Narratives in/of Latin America (Costa Rica) (Read Info Flyer)


    Spanish Mini Calendar

    2021-2022 (PDF) [to be posted at the end of September]

    2015-2016 (PDF)


    Full-Time Professors

    Guzmán, María Constanza
    Kowal, Jerzy
    Lino, Shanna (on sabbatical 2021-2022)
    Silva, Caridad (on sabbatical 2021-2022)
    Zamora, Alejandro

    Senior Scholar

    Raventós-Pons, Esther

    Lectora AECID

    Sara Vicente Balenciaga

    Course Directors

    Bátiz, Martha
    Berecochea, Ximena
    Boyd, Martin
    Huarte Gallego, Belén
    Melgar-Foraster, Shaudin
    Reich, Mara



    Dr. Jerzy Kowal
    Office: York Hall 124
    Tel.: 416-736-2100, ext. 88333

    Administrative Assistant

    Patricia Chung
    Office: York Hall 215
    Telephone: 416-487-6777

    Office Hours: (Fall 2021)

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8 a.m to 4 p.m. (Online)
    Tuesday and Thursday: 8 a.m to 4 p.m (In person)

    Spanish Resource Centre

    Analía Molina – Coordinator
    Office: York Hall 047
    Telephone: 416-487-6837