gabriela_rodasGabriela Rodas
Certificate in Spanish-English Translation, Glendon College, Valedictorian 2013.

Why I chose the Certificate Program…
Even since before I began my university career, I knew that I wanted to work in either the interpretation or translation industry. At a young age, I demonstrated a passion for languages; I took French and Italian courses for many years, while my parents developed my knowledge of Spanish at home. I knew Glendon would provide me with the opportunity to pursue a career in translation. I would be able to refine my knowledge of the Spanish language while completing a BA in Hispanic Studies, and gain the proper skills in translation concurrently in the certificate program. It is great that the university now offers a BA in Spanish/English translation! In addition, I knew that by completing the certificate program in translation, it would help me prepare myself for the MA in Translation Studies, which I am currently completing.

The highlight of my experience…
The certificate program has given me so many memorable experiences that it would be impossible for me to mention just one. For me, there are three reasons why my entire time in the program was great:
First, the professors teaching the courses in the certificate program are absolutely phenomenal, they are attentive, encouraging and always available to answer any questions students may have. They truly create a wonderful environment which allows students to grow as translators.
Secondly, because the class sizes are small, not only are the professors able to develop great professional relationships with their students, but the students themselves are able to connect and work with each other. Many classmates that I met during my time in the certificate program have now become colleagues who I work with regularly in the translation industry.
Lastly, the courses offered by the program are invaluable, as they provide students with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of the translation field. In my last year, we were given the opportunity to work in the field through internships. This gave me the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience translating various documents in different fields. In addition, I was able to have one of my literary translations published online through the Literary Translation course.

What I learned…
The certificate program really prepared me to enter the workforce with a thorough knowledge of both practical and theoretical aspects of the industry. I learned to be aware of industry standards and best practices. I have been able to apply this in my current position as a project coordinator at a non-profit language service provider based in Toronto. My understanding of the translation process from both the standpoint of a project coordinator and a translator has been a definitive asset for me.