The Department of Hispanic Studies and the Certificate in Spanish-English/English-Spanish Translation cordially invite you to a talk by poet and literary translator Beatriz Hausner:

“The Vicarious Writing Life: A Literary Translator’s Trajectory”

Tuesday, February 23rd
7:30 PM

Glendon College – YH A104


Beatriz Hausner is the author of several poetry collections, including Enter the Raccoon and Sew Him Up. Her work has been translated into several languages, including Spanish, her mother tongue: La costurera y el muñeco viviente (trans. Julio César Aguilar: Mantis Editores, Mexico, 2012). Hausner’s career as a literary translator has focused on the poetry of César Moro, Olga Orozco, Rosamel del Valle, the poets of the Chilean group Mandrágora, and many others associated with Spanish American surrealism. She has also translated the early fiction of Alvaro Mutis, and most recently, the poetry of Abigael Bohórquez. She was President of the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada and one of the founders of the Banff Literary Translation Centre. For several years she was one of the publishers of Quattro Books, where she oversaw the publication of many works of literature in translation. Beatriz Hausner, who lives in Toronto, is the current Chair of the Public Lending Right Commission.