In 2015-2016, students in GL/HIST 4310 FR created a video about the history of the first ten years of Glendon.

In 2017-2018, Mathieu Martel created a video about a historical event in Northern Ontario for GL/HIST 4310 FR "Reesor Siding : La Plaie Ouverte du Nord de l'Ontario."

"Two Row Wampum: Preserving Indigenous Languages in Toronto" is a documentary about indigenous languages in Toronto created by three HIST 4310 6.0 FR students, Sarah Katz, Emily Vanhauwaert and Charlie Weaver, in their placements at the Canadian Language Museum in the Winter 2018.

In the Fall of 2019, a HIST 4310 6.0 student, Dafna Godovich, created this video for an assignment on Montgomery's Inn Museum in Toronto.