Sarah PeekWhat makes Glendon special to you?

In a word, it’s home. From the moment I got here I experienced the sense of community that exists at Glendon. That feeling of belonging is what makes it most special to me because it prompted me to become involved in the community through clubs, frosh week, student government, and whatever other avenues of interest I could find.

Favourite spot on campus?

The Quad, no question. Nothing beats this “multi-purpose” spot on campus. Bored? Head to the quad for a game of pick up frisbee, soccer or football. Got lots of studying to do? There are tons of trees to sit under with your books. Want some time to yourself? Take your music out there or just stare up at the sky. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you cannot beat the Quad in the springtime.

Fondest memory of Glendon?

Frosh week! As a frosh and as a frosh leader, Frosh Week is a creator of unforgettable university memories.

What does studying/working at a bilingual institution mean to you?

The bilingual aspect of Glendon is very important. As an International Studies major, I very much believe in the power of communication to foster cooperation and as an essential tool to build peace. As a Canadian I feel it is very important to be able to communicate in both of our official languages.