Access to applications


OneDrive makes it possible for staff and faculty to access their documents without requiring a connection through VPN. ITS recommends that staff and faculty transfer their files from X-Drive to OneDrive. Instructions on how to do the file transfer are available at Search for X-Drive to OneDrive.

Office 365

Office 365 is available to all staff and faculty and can be installed at home. Instructions on how to install Office 365 at home are available at . Search for Office 365 install.

VPN Access

UIT will increase the number of available connections as required. Instructions on how to install VPN on Windows 10 can be found at For MacOS at

Remote access

With the arrival of Office 365, there should be little to no need to remote to our work computers. However, there may be cases were remoting is the only option. For those cases, users will have to VPN to the network and then use Remote Desktop software to connect to their computer. Note: Users MUST leave their computer turned on at all times.

Online course content delivery

eClass is already available for online delivery of courses and those already using eClass will continue to use eClass. For those who do not currently have a course in eClass,  ITS strongly suggests that you use York University central Moodle. If you prefer using eClass over central Moodle, you can create your course using the course creation tool within eClass. The instructions are available at

Online lecture delivery

UIT has purchased 7000 Zoom Education licenses for Staff and Faculty. ITS strongly suggests that online lectures be given using Zoom. Instructions on using Zoom can be found at . 

Adding Zoom to eClass/Moodle

Zoom is now available in both eClass and York U Moodle. Instructions on how to use Zoom are available here.

It is important that you read the instructions carefully in order to have the best experience possible with Zoom in Moodle.


UIT provides a software solution called AppsAnywhere ( Staff and Faculty can now access software such as PDF-Xchange, Trados, SIS and more from any computer including home computers.


Exams may have to be given online. For those that have never prepared quizzes in Moodle, we are providing instructions on how to do so at We apologize, currently we only have the instructions in English. There is also other online documentation available in several languages. Look for Moodle quiz in your favorite online search tool. 

Access to IT help

This page will be a living document and updated as needed. For all help, the best way to reach Glendon ITS is by sending a ticket to Due to the large number of incoming requests, any emails sent directly to IT Staff’s personal inboxes requesting support will not be answered. All requests for support must be submitted to

UIT has also created a page with links to help for the most important applications which can be reached at .