Lecture video recording


In association with York Learning Technology Services, lecture recording is available through the use of Camtasia Relay in select classrooms.




Please be aware that all lecture capture is subject to copyright. Please visit the Copyright Office website for information: http://copyright.info.yorku.ca.

How to request the service

  1. Submit the form located here to create your account: https://lts.apps01.yorku.ca/elearning/view.php?id=18There are two important points to consider when filling out the form: a. You will need to indicate, in the comments field, that the account is requested for Glendon. b. Please make sure that you select "no" to the question "I am using Moodle for this course".
  2. Place a GEO order for the "Skype webcam"
  3. At the lecture, plug in the webcam, make sure you can be heard using the classroom's wireless microphone, open Camtasia Relay on the computer, and press Record.




Lectures are kept for a limited time after the end of the academic term in which they are recorded. For best results, do a test recording several days before you first need to use Relay for the first time in the same classroom in which you will be lecturing. Camtasia Relay is available in the following classrooms:
  • York Hall 129
  • York Hall 204
  • York Hall A002
  • York Hall A100
  • York Hall A101
  • York Hall A102
  • York Hall A104
  • York Hall A201
  • York Hall A301


Glendon ITS Helpdesk:
Email: ithelp@glendon.yorku.ca
Phone: 416-487-6700

last updated: 2015-08-11 22:12:13