Computer Renewal Program (CRP)


The Computer Renewal Program is a service that provides faculty members the option to replace their computers every five years.  This service is supported by Glendon, however, it is centrally administered.  The goal of the service is to offer faculty members modern computing facilities for the purpose of conducting routine computing activities and research.


  • Full time tenure stream, contractually limited appointments (CLA).
  • Note: The current CRP computer must be returned before receiving the replacement.


  • The current CRP computer must be returned before receiving the replacement.
  • CRP computers are not available for sale to faculty members or staff at the conclusion of five year period.
  • Each eligible faculty member is entitled to 1 CRP computer only. If an eligible faculty member relocates to another department at York the CRP computer will move with them
  • CRP computers are limited to the models, with respective upgrade options, that are available on the Selections List sent by ITS.

How to request the service

All eligible faculty members will be contacted by ITS in May of the current year.


This program is centrally funded by UIT (University Information Technology - Keele Campus).  However, faculty members can request upgrades to their CRP computers.  In this case, the cost difference between the rebate amount and the basic unit price will be paid by faculty members’ research accounts or PER. ITS will need the faculty members’ research account or PER before placing the order. Other costs Lost, stolen, damaged equipment while off campus: each faculty is responsible for the security of the computers obtained for their faculty members. If a CRP computer, desktop or laptop is removed from campus locations (home office), it must be covered by an individual’s own personal household insurance. The faculty will compensate UIT with an amount equal to the residual value of the lost, stolen or damaged computer.


Please contact the helpdesk – ext. 66700 – email: if there is a new faculty member in your department. In case eligible faculty have a computer that is 3 or more years old, please contact the helpdesk.


Glendon ITS Helpdesk:
Phone: 416-487-6700

last updated: 2015-05-12 12:48:17