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Glendon provides a Learning Management System (LMS), powered by Moodle, called eClass. This platform provides a one stop shop for all online course needs with an easy interface for both professors and students to navigate.


  • Access is granted to all current students, faculty and staff
  • Only faculty members can request the creation of a course.  In this case, the course must be part of the official University offering


  • We cannot create courses in eClass that do not appear in the course calendar

How to request the service

The service is available to all professors and students. Log in to to get started. How to request a course Requesting a course is done within eClass itself. Click on the link above and login to eClass using your Passport York credentials. In the Navigation block, found on the top left side of the page, look for the menu item Course creation tool and click on Request a new course. Select Catalog for a York U course and fallow the steps provided, or select Sandbox for an empty course shell. A sandbox course is can be used for "playing" around with eClass features without affecting an actual course. It can also be used to create a  shared environment.




The following is a list of features/benefits of using eClass.
  • Passport York log in
  • Students are automatically enrolled into courses
  • Easily create discussions, quizzes, assignments, polls and much more.
  • Easily share resources (files, multi-media etc)
  • Course request tool based on YorkU catalog.
  • Interactive and engaging for students
  • Anytime Anywhere learning
  • Grade book
  • Course delivery: Hybrid or completely online.


Glendon ITS Helpdesk:
Phone: 416-487-6700

last updated: 2015-05-06 17:17:47