File storage and file management


Our file storage and management service provides network space for saving work-related files in a secure location.


Available to students, faculty and staff who have a valid File Access Service (FAS) account.


Saving Files:
  • Personal network space (home directory):
    •  Faculty and Staff can save their files to their home directory (X: drive). This space is only accessible by you.  There are currently no disk space quotas for faculty and staff.
    •  Students can save their files to their home directory located on the F: drive. There is a 1 GB quota.
  • Shared network space (departmental shares):
    • This is only available to faculty and staff. This space is restricted to a group of users. There are currently no disk space quotas.
Lost Files The Previous Versions feature is enabled on these spaces.  This allows users to recover lost or modified files. Backups Tape backup is done nightly for disaster recovery purposes. Personal Content Network space is intended for work-related assets.  Do no put personal files (example: pictures from your vacation) on the network drive.  Space is monitored and you will be asked (and required) to delete personal files from the network. Illegal Content Pirated software and/or files for which you don't have the rights to own (example: pirated movies, music that was downloaded from the web, etc.) are not allowed and need to be immediately deleted.

How to request the service

Students Student personal network space is automatically created with your computer account. Faculty and Staff Faculty and staff personal network space is created manually.  Please contact the helpdesk if you cannot access your X: drive or if you do not have an X: drive. Shared Network Space Shared network space is allocated and evaluated on a per-request basis.  Requests need to be sent to and must include the following information: a folder name for the share and a list of users who should be granted access.


None. IMPORTANT ITS is currently covering the cost of provisioning for and maintaining all network disk space.  This practise is unsustainable and we are currently reviewing our policies related to this.  It is expected that a cost-recovery will be instituted shortly.


Network spaces are accessible off-campus via Best practices:
  • Save your work-related files on the network drives. These are backed up regularly.
  • Save your personal files elsewhere (ie. USB key, cloud service).
  • Working on something as a group? Get a shared network spare. It is restricted to your group.


Glendon ITS Helpdesk: Email: Phone: 416-487-6700

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