It is very important to mention that Linguistics combines well with all of Glendon’s programs, through a Combined Honours program or the Double Major program, and there will be surprising overlaps between fields to explore.

Obviously, a BA in Linguistics and French, Linguistics and Spanish, Linguistics and English are natural combinations. Such combinations would suit students desiring to deepen their knowledge of a specific language and its literary tradition while gaining a broad overview of language analysis in general. These may be combined further with a Certificate Program; for instance: Linguistics and English, with the D-TEIL Certificate, or Linguistics, French and the Certificate Program in Technical Writing, or Linguistics, Hispanic Studies and the Certificate Program in Spanish-English Translation.

A very natural combination would be Linguistics and Translation Studies, bringing together a broad overview of language study with the exciting language-industry exigencies and knowledges-in-contact breadth of Translation Studies. Please consult the Translation Studies Program office for more information about this option.

Combining Linguistics and History, Linguistics and Political Science, Linguistics and International Studies, Linguistics and Economics, would provide students with opportunities to combine Linguistics with a study of an important social science field.

Linguistics and Philosophy, Linguistics and Computer Science, Linguistics and Information Technology, Linguistics and Mathematics likewise share certain approaches to knowledge construction, and are extremely enriching disciplinary combinations. Linguistics and Sociology is a natural disciplinary blend, since both fields draw upon each other for conceptual depth. Linguistics and Women’s Studies, Linguistics and Canadian Studies, Linguistics and Drama Studies are combinations which would be mutually enriching, since each of these fields requires and promotes a sophisticated understanding of language-in-use and practices of construction of knowledge.

So, in addition to the Specialized Honours program, the Glendon Linguistics Program offers a wide range of flexible options, allowing interested students to consider the advantages of linking Linguistics with another discipline in a Double Major or Combined Honours program.