Denis Miave Yan
Upper year Mathematics student

Right now my classes on average have 5-15 students which is an advantage – the teacher knows us by our names, not our student numbers. There is better interaction between teachers and students because the classes are small. I feel more comfortable to ask questions during and after lectures.

My favorite professor is Mario Roy. He is one of the friendliest teachers I’ve ever had at Glendon. His assignments are tough, but he is always willing to help us through them. No matter how many times we go and see him, he always welcomes us. Professor Roy is not the kind of person who will just talk about the courses he is teaching; he also gives us advice about our career paths. I’m considering continuing my mathematics studies at grad school.

Studying at a bilingual institution means a lot to me. Obtaining a bilingual degree at the end of my studies will improve my chances of achieving greater career success. After passing the exam for the Certificate of Bilingual Excellence, I will have the opportunity of getting a better job. My Glendon Mathematics degree and Certificate of Bilingual Excellence will be assets wherever my job path takes me!