Full-time Professors

Marie-Christine Aubin
Localisation, Distance education, Translation program development, Contrastive Stylistics, Translations of French writer Balzac’s works around the world

Andrew Clifford
Interpreting Studies

María Constanza Guzmán
Contemporary translation theories, literary translation, translation in Latin America

Lyse Hébert
Translator studies; translation and ideology

Theresa Hyun
Translation in Korea

Susan Ingram
European film, fashion, auto/biography, comparative literature, translation studies

Aurelia Klimkiewicz
Translation and multilingualism; theory of translation;  translation and ethics; translation, space and exile; translator’s voice and subjectivity

Evan Light
Communication policy, social movements, surveillance, privacy, South America, Canada

Ian Martin
Linguistics; English as world language; Translation and native languages

Julie McDonough Dolmaya
Translation and political texts; crowd sourced translation; and translator behavior in blogs and social networks

Philippe Theophanidis
Philosophies and epistemologies of communication, media studies, visual arts.

Part-time Instructors

Nelida Chan
Terminology in the health sciences

Miriam Compagnoni
Translation, Documentation, Legal translation, Comparative law, ESL
and Spanish teaching

Valérie Florentin
Traduction audiovisuelle, traduction collaborative, pédagogie, variétés du français / audiovisual translation, collaborative translation, pedagogy, varieties of French

Lorraine Janelle
Translation: Banking and economics

Brian Mossop
Revision of translations, the text composing work of professional translators, pedagogy of professional development workshops for translators and technology-related conflict in the translation workplace

Dominique Picouet
Translation: Parliamentary law in Ontario

Adjunct Professors

Salah Basalamah
Postcolonialism and translation; Copyright law

Elena Basile
Translation and poetry, feminist and queer theory, translation and psychoanalysis

Hélène Buzelin
Translation and publishing; Postcolonial translation

Marco Fiola
Translation and Subjectivity; Gender-Related Language Usage; Language Barriers and Public Services; Translation Didactics; Lexicology and Ideology

Marta Marín-Dòmine

Translation and memory, translation and psychoanalysis, translation and theatre

Joshua Price
Structural, institutional, and gender violence, critical race theory, translation and colonization, translation and the human sciences

Sherry Simon
Translation and identity in Canada; Translation in India

Adriana Şerban
Audiovisual translation and subtitling

Sehnaz Tahir Gürçaglar
Translation history, periodical studies, reception studies, retranslation, paratexts

Xiaoping Song
Modern and contemporary Chinese literature; Ancient Chinese classics; Translation studies in theory and practice; Chinese film and drama; Chinese language instruction; Chinese language & literature textbooks


Professors Emeriti

Alain Baudot
Belgian Literature, French Literature, Music, Publishing,
Theatre, Translation, English / French

Christine Klein-Lataud
Literary translation; Stylistics

Candace Séguinot
Cognitive Approaches of the translation process; Methodology; Translation and advertising