The Qualifying Program consists of five translation half-courses (15 credits) offered by the School of Translation at Glendon College. Applicants must pass the Qualifying Program entrance exam and then select courses in consultation with the School. Two courses are required from all students:

  • TRAN 3270 3.0 – Theory of Translation/ Théorie de la traduction/Teoría de la Traducción
  • TRAN 2280 3.0 – Documentation et terminologie/Documentation and Terminology (English/French bilingual section) or Documentation and Terminology (non-language specific section taught in English)

The other three courses are chosen in consultation with the Chair of the School of Translation. As Glendon offers programs in English-French and English-Spanish translation, the choice of courses will depend on the student’s language combination, academic background, and translation-related interests. A set of courses is available also for students with other language combinations. In addition to the two courses above, Qualifying Program students will select three courses from the following:

  • GL/TRAN 2250 3.0 Comparative Stylistics/Stylistique comparée
  • GL/SP 3550 3.0 Comparative Stylistics for Spanish-English Translation
  • GL/COMS 2902 3.0 Idea, Opinion, Argument: Rhetoric for Academic Settings (writing-intensive)
  • Translation practice courses, EN-FR: GL/TRAN 2210, 2220 AND/OR 3210, 3220, 4235
  • Translation practice courses, EN-SP: GL/TRAN 3545 AND/OR GL/SP/TRAN 4910, 4915, 4920
  • GL/TRAN4250 3.0 Techniques of Revision in Translation/Techniques de la révision en traduction
  • GL/TRAN/HUMA 4636 3.0 History, Societies & Translation I (writing-intensive)
  • GL/TRAN/HUMA 4638 3.0 History, Societies & Translation II (writing-intensive)
  • Any other writing-intensive 3.0 credit course taught in English at Glendon

To register in these courses, students must be admitted to the School of Translation as visiting (non-degree) students.

The Qualifying Program may require one or more semesters, depending on the candidate’s previous experience in translation and on the number of similar courses he or she may have taken in another university, which may be counted as equivalent. This must be approved by the Graduate Program Director.

Students whose language combination is not EN-ES or EN-FR are encouraged to demonstrate that they have taken translation practice courses in their language combination prior to applying to the MA in Translation Studies.

Note: A minimum average of “B” in the Qualifying Program is required to be considered for admission into the MA Program. Students are advised to consult with the Graduate Program Director well before applying for admission to the MA in Translation Studies. Students must apply for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies upon completion of the Qualifying Program. Taking the courses required for the Qualifying Program does not guarantee admission to the MA Program.